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Automation of coffee houses

   Modern planning for business development is impossible without the use of cloud services. This applies to both accounting in the institution, and management of employees, as well as monitoring the availability of goods in your institutions and warehouses, their movement and quality analysis. Automation of a coffee house is not the easiest process in business.
   Strict control over the account of cash, products and auxiliary materials will significantly increase your chances of remaining a player in this market. Cash desk for the coffee shop Skyservice POS was created specifically to simplify the accounting, allows you to perform online audits and monitor the work of the institution at any time of the day.
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Coffee shop program

   An excellent solution for many restaurateurs has become an online service for accounting, running a business and automating the Skyservice POS coffee shop. Convenient POS system allows you to keep records in your institution around the clock and on any gadget - a smartphone, tablet or through any browser. And you don’t need “specially trained” people for this - you can easily carry out all operations yourself.

Cash desk for coffee shop - benefits


    an increase in profits from each outlet by an average of 33% thanks to the cross-sales module and the increase in profits called “offers”.

When people work in the coffee house, the human factor plays a big role - the barista does not want or forgets, or does not have time to offer additional orders to the customer along with the order, such as a pie, snickers, muffin or even syrup. Cashier for your coffee shop Skyservice POS helps to avoid these problems.

    During the sale of goods - our SkyService POS system reminds your employee who calculates the buyer about the related product, for example:

    Today we have a super offer, only when buying a coffee drink, you can buy a muffin with a discount of 5 percent.

    Another option is a pleasant and loyal relationship to the buyer and the successful use of the tool "offer":

    Today is such a wonderful day, be ready for testing and that you would have energy for them, take to your order, the most tasty pie in the world, which our employees prepared just for you. Or for example: do you want to order a bun, a bar or a chocolate bar.


    Statistics - this is probably the most important tool for doing business in the coffee industry, a set of statistics tools for automation of the coffee shop will allow you to optimize the work of the coffee house, opening and closing time, help to keep records of sales at a coffee shop or coffee shop network.

    All the accounting on the smartphone or tablet, you do not need to buy additional equipment that would work in the program for the coffee shop Skyservice POS.

    The program for accounting in the coffee shop Skyservice POS allows you as an owner of the institution to see a report on the days of the week and the sales time for each outlet, or for the network of your establishments.

    The time report shows detailed information about when you start the first sales, and when the coffee house is already open, but there is no sales, this report can help you optimize the work schedule of the institution.

    There are also reports on the profit, revenue, the number of items sold and checks in real time and all the accounting in the coffee house from a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Transformation of a mobile phone into a POS terminal with the possibility of non-cash payment.

   Using a mobile terminal for payment by bank cards in conjunction with the program for the Skyservice POS coffee shop will open a lot of advantages for you:

  • customers no longer need to look for an ATM for withdrawing cash, the number of departed customers will decrease because of the inability to clear the card.
  • keeping records of customers who were calculated by a card
  • Reduces the risk on the part of the seller to obtain a counterfeit bill
  • the amount of theft from unscrupulous employees is minimized

Cost accounting for the institution

The most sensitive point of accounting in coffee shops is the cost accounting.

    Accounting for running costs for the coffee shop in the program for the Skyservice POS cafe you will be able to keep all costs for the establishment such as:

    accounting utility bills, rent accounting, accounting of consumables, salary accounting for employees, registration in coffee houses of any possible costs that you can create yourself.

    All types of cost accounting, can help you optimize the work of your institution, as well as reduce costs or identify leaks of money, not the targeted use of goods or working capital.

    Keeping records in the coffee house is the most important factor in doing business, because if you do not order the products in time, the coffee shop can stand idle and this threatens the institution's losses.

    To avoid losses, our accounting software Skyservice POS will help you optimize expenses in the institution. The POS terminal interface allows you to make even a mobile phone or tablet and do not need to buy specialized monoblocks or POS terminals.

    You can always show loyalty to your customers. In the marketing section, you can create your “coffee shop marketing”, test any bonus program or skipped for regular customers or new ones.

    You can always view statistics on customer purchases that more often he takes and come up with a special bonus program for this client that would provoke the customer for additional purchases and thereby increase the average check of the coffee shop.

    When opening a coffee house, the first question that everyone asks himself is how to do it? How to open a coffee shop? It would seem that this is a very complex and lengthy issue, but with the Skyservice POS accounting program, you will be able to keep a register in the coffee house from your mobile phone, automate the coffee shop on the tablet and forget about the problem of theft in the coffee house.

Algorithm for opening a coffee house
  • find a suitable place
  • Determine the menu and enter into the accounting software Skyservice POS
  • Set a date when the coffee house will be opened
  • Start equipment, make repairs, and prepare)