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Restaurant chain management

Restaurant chain management

    If you are the owner of a restaurant, cafe, bar, fast food or any similar type of business, you are probably using a program to automate a restaurant. But how much more complicated is the management process if you own a chain of restaurants! SkyService POS software is ideal for any kind of restaurant chain. And it will greatly facilitate the regulation of all processes of your business.

Accounting system with SkyService POS program

    In order to keep track of restaurant chains, an automated approach is essential! With the help of the inventory function, you can see if you have enough in the kitchen. The system independently analyzes and draws up procurement documents for each individual point, which makes your life much easier and makes it possible to focus on other aspects of doing business.

    Thanks to the maintenance of financial records, you can always keep track of salary payments for staff, taking into account all bonuses and penalties.

    With SkyService POS you can easily:

  • keep track of expenses and income for each restaurant;
  • keep under control the work of all personnel;
  • keep records in kitchens and warehouses;
  • generate reports on statistics at each point;
  • analyze the number of visitors to each individual restaurant, etc.

Project management

    SkyService POS program is a reliable assistant in project management at every point of your restaurant chain. You can:

  • update prices;
  • form general service standards;
  • introduce the same concept for the entire restaurant chain;
  • formulate promotions and special offers for each restaurant.

    If, for example, your establishments provide a delivery service for ready-made meals, in the SkyService POS automation program you can easily control the promptness of accepting orders, processing them, transferring them to the kitchen and, directly, monitoring the work of couriers in each restaurant.

    Another plus is that when you open a new establishment, you have already formed technological maps, which allows you to start working immediately. You just need to familiarize new staff with our program. And with the help of an accessible and easy interface, solving this issue will not be difficult.