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Add employees


Go to menu/administration (in the top right corner of the screen):


At opened admin-panel click « Settings » next « Employees » and choose « Add Employee ».


At the opened dialog window put: phone number (it will be the login to the program), name (for worker identification), password , PIN to access terminal (if is active on the trade point)


Set the checkbox into the active field « Yes » Press « Add » the employee has been added to the database.
By default, employees are added with full administrator rights.


To limit worker's permissions go back to « Settings » , next choose « Employees » , and choose the created worker. A dialog window opens and you can choose « Permissions ».

Before you open the menu, in which you indicate all that the worker will have access to


To apply settings it is necessary to press « Save »


If you have more than 1 trade point, but access to the program should be to one of them only, go to tab « Access to warehouses »

At the opened dialog tick indicating access to which trade point will be opened to this worker

If you have a few workers on one trade point and you want to have ability to choose who's responsible for selling, then at setting up a new trade point on the tab Ask pin choose No. At the end of each selling you will have the ability to choose the one or the other worker (provided every worker will have access rights to one or another access point if you have more than one)