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How-to setup printing on Windows


Setup printer driver. The setting is individual for each device. Contact the supplier of the equipment or find out on the official website of the manufacturer


Go to Control Panel -> Equipment and sound (optionally) -> Devices and printers


Press the required printer with the right mouse button and put Use by default


Download and install "Print-server"


For the program to work, you may need NetFramework4. The installer notifies you if it is not in the system.


After installation, the Print-Server will ask permission to start localhost - you need to allow it, the server will start and install itself to startup


Print-server indication

In the system tray (where the clock is) an icon appears. If it's green it means everything works as it should.

If it's gray or red than try to restart the Print-server. To do this, right-click the icon and click Restart.

In case of other problems, please contact technical support.

or if you are not yet registered in the system, ask questions in the chat room.