Knowledge base Skyservice

Add new product (pcs)


Go to menu/administration (at the top left corner of the screen):


At opened admin-panel click « Products » next « Add » and choose « A new product » , if you have several trade points than choose required.


Put general information about the product - name, description (optional), barcode, article, as well as choose the category in which the products will be displayed on the terminal.


Add the characteristics of the product: type, weight, size, manufacturer (is necessary for more accurate reporting, control and output on the check, if you use, not necessary for piece products)


For convenience, put « # by order », by which the product will be shown in the terminal.


If desired, specify the item « Require q-ty when selling », is necessary for the convenience of selling a large number of typical products


The following parameters are necessary for monitoring stock, receipts, profit, purchase reminders (when the minimum amount is reached) Here you put amount, price, measure units (our product is in peaces, leave pcs), put prime cost, minimum balance, sales price.