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Add new technical card


Go to menu/administration (in the top right corner of the screen):


At opened admin-panel click « Products » next « Add »and choose « Technical card » , if you have several sales points than choose required.


Put the checkbox to the item « Cooking »
Put general information about the product - name, description (optional), barcode, article, as well as choose the category in which the products will be displayed on the terminal.


If desired, specify the item « Request price when selling » , required if , for example, the price in menu is set for 100g. or if often sold more than 1 unit.


Specify workshop from which it will be written off, as well as where the chip can be sent or an order can be displayed.


Put composition of the dish (technological card). To make a composition put name to the title field and press enter a dialog will open, at which you put a new composition item.
Set measure units: pcs., kg., g., l., ml.. If pcs. is set than you have to put weight for the peace, then prime cost and minimum balance (is necessary for monitoring the balances and reminders of the need to replenish the warehouse)


Push the button « Create ». The ingredient is added to the warehouse and is specified in the composition of the technological card. If the ingredient has already been added to the warehouse, then to search for / add it is enough to enter the first letters of the name or: Learn more about how to add an ingredient to a warehouse


Specify the price of the position, as well as the format in which the product is sold (portion, 100g., 100ml.)

If you click on the green button + under the composition, you get a new clean composition you should fill from scratch .If there is a need to copy the composition with a further minor change you can click the Copy button, which greatly simplifies the process of adding new compositions.


Press the button « Add » , that's all the new position or a few added.