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Guide Skyservice

How to set up Skyservice?
10 steps to the full control over your business


Setup general parameters of your activity: name, currency, timezone, website address, etc. (this field is not required, but it makes sense for a more convenient navigation in the program). To get more information, click the button. Setting of date, time, currency...


Adding new trade point or warehouse is essential for correct reporting. You, simply, cannot add products or ingredients if a new warehouse isn't added. Go to advanced adding new sales point description


Adding categories and subcategories, which will be displayed on the POS terminal screen area. Go to advanced category setup description


POS terminal screen (categories are underlined)


Add one or several workshops (optional) It's useful for getting detailed reporting on the activities of your company and for dividing and making reports showing you all the necessary working aspects. And all this is accessible from your mobile phone Go to advanced workshop setup description


Add printers/displays (optional) If there are different workshops in your enterprise you wish to direct correct information about incoming orders to, for example as in a restaurant (display or printer on kitchen or no bar) than you have to set those printers/displays up Go to the advanced printers/displays setup description


Creating halls/tables arrangement (optional) This option is useful to establishments in which there are places for landing visitors, as well as for a more convenient control over the work staff and loading tables etc. Go to the advanced halls' setup description Go to the advanced tables' arrangement description

Add/remove halls

Add/remove/arrange tables


Add goods (if necessary) To get the detailed report on your enterprise activity and to control every little thing and make stocktaking very simple and convenient you have to add commodity items and fulfill their calculations thoroughly. Go to the advanced adding products (by pcs) description Go to the advanced adding products (by weight/on tap) description Go to the advanced adding products (by measure) description Go to the detailed adding products (service) description


Add calculations/technical cards (as necessary) To get the detailed report on your enterprise activity and to control profitability of each position, stocks, calculate profits and to calculate the activities of the company for future periods you'll have to fulfill simple but thorough technological cards Go to the advanced adding calculations description



Add employee It is possible to add different levels of permissions to workers of your enterprise. Thus, no one else sees or breaks what you have set up for so long, and in the future, the calculation of wages for each worker will be as fast as possible and even with your mobile phone. Accounting with Skyservice as easy as a pie. Go to the advanced adding workers description


Receipt Till this moment we were setting and setting and finally we have a set up program. It remains to bring the products to the warehouse and open the establishment. From now on, every little thing in your establishment is under your complete control. And even being far away from the business you will be able to track all the key metrics in one click, from your mobile phone. And you just have to enjoy life. Skyservice will take care of accounting and control for you. Go to the advanced adding products to the warehouse description