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SkyService + SkyMarket

This application allows you to create your own Internet site in a few mouse clicks and take orders online.

What is integration?

Integration is the process of combining any elements into a single whole. Integration of applications and programs in enterprises implies the integration of different computing systems and software that form a single continuous workflow.

How does SkyMarket and SkyService POS integration work?

In order to establish the integration of SkyMarket and SkyService POS, you need to select the SkyMarket application, add and activate it. After you need to enter all the data about the store. You can use the "" subdomain or apply to use your subdomain. Next, you need to select a point of sale from which you want to transfer the menu to the site. Thus, all data from the outlet will be synchronized with information from the site.

What is the purpose of the module?

SkyMarket is designed to create an online store based on an existing outlet in SkyService POS. In this application, customers will be able to:
- Place online orders;
- Choose delivery or pickup of goods.

What opportunities do you get?

For business owners, the SkyMarket app is an additional sales platform. The more communication options you have with customers, the more revenue increases.
Thanks to the integration, all orders from the online store go to the POS-terminal. On this platform you will be able to:
- Describe the store and enter delivery data;
- Specify contact information and address of the establishment, shop, etc.;
- Set the "Minimum order amount" from the site;
- Enable "Sound notifications in POS-terminal";
- Hide unnecessary product categories. -


Connection problems?

If you have any questions about setting up SkyMarket and SkyService POS integration, please contact the technical support chat or call center for advice.