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Skyservice POS provides control over all processes in one program. Financial transactions, warehouse regulation, report generation, statistics and analytics, bonus programs - this is just a part of the functionality that our business automation software offers.

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Skyservice POS is a program for people!

We listen to you, our users, to create a first-class product together!

Skyservice team

We are a team of specialists who do a tremendous job every day to upgrade the program and support you, our customers!

We follow the trends and trends of doing business so that you can be the first to use all the necessary and updated features.

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Our ambitions

We want to provide an opportunity for every entrepreneur to run their business efficiently, easily and simply.

Automation of business processes allows you to increase productivity and competitiveness, which has a positive effect on the development of your business.

How it works | SkyService POS

We offer 14 days of free use, so that you enter all the necessary data and feel all the privileges of using our program

Registration and filling

Registration and setting up an account for your type of activity


Printer, fiscalization, scales

Purchasing and configuring devices for your requirements


Sale and issuance of a check

Creating an order in the POS-terminal, and printing a check on the printer


Statistics and finance

Control the accounting of goods and record all financial transactions

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+ Maximum adjustment for YOUR business


Use the admin panel to work with the warehouse, statistics and finance.

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Seller's workplace

A full range of features for quality customer service and receipt printing.

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Online store

Organize an additional platform for the sale of your products and services.

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Telegram chatbot for Sky Market

Create a chatbot to set up sales on an additional platform.

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Screen in the hall

Customize the process of taking orders, and reduce the queues at the checkout.

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