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Program RRO - a new solution of fiscal accounting for Ukrainian business

The SkyService team has developed a free integration with PRRO to meet the requirements of Ukrainian laws in the field of registration of settlement transactions

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How it works

A turnkey solution for individual entrepreneurs will help to establish a cash register and issue checks in accordance with changes in the laws on cash registers from January 1, 2021. More details here.

receipt SkyService

will help you work with PPO software for free, you can install the software on a computer, laptop (Windows) or mobile device (Android or IOS).

analytics Do not need anymore

purchase a fiscal registrar, spend on its maintenance, you can issue a receipt on a thermal printer with a QR code printed on the SFS website.

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the only accounting system solution that provides a streamlined work with PPO software for free.

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Who is the PRRO solution for?

+ Maximum adjustment for YOUR business

Restaurant automation

The full range of SkyService PRRO functions is suitable for a bar, coffee house, restaurant, pizzeria.


trade automation

Software PPO is suitable for different types of stores, pharmacies, supermarkets.


Production automation

In SkyService, you can produce goods, and spend them fiscally with PRRO.


Service Automation

SkyService Opportunities PRRO is suitable for business providing services, dentistry, beauty salon, delivery, car wash.

How PRPO from SkyService POS works


Sale in pos-terminal

The visitor places an order and pays for it at the establishment.

Registration of a check in the State Tax Service

Fixing a check in the tax office

PRRO SkyService automatically transfers the fiscal check to the tax server.

Check printing

fiscal seal

SkyService prints a fiscal receipt with a QR code on a thermal printer.

check check

Displaying a receipt on the STS website

A visitor with an issued check can check it on the STS website.

Answers to frequently asked questions about software PPO

Does SkyService support software PPO/ PPO? What is the cost of connecting PRRO to the current tariff?
Yes, SkyService supports PRPO and PPO. It is included in the cost of all tariffs on the site
Who needs a RRRO or PRRO?
Until 01.01.2022:
It is not necessary to apply RRO (PRRO) to sole proprietors of group 1 in any case and groups II-IV, whose income during the calendar year does not exceed 220 minimum wages (in 2021 - UAH 1,320,000), except for types of activities in areas with significant risks of tax evasion, for which the cash register (RRRO) is already mandatory:
- sale of technically complex household goods subject to warranty repair;
- sales of medicines, medical devices
- provision of paid services in the field of healthcare;
- sale of jewelry and household products made of precious metals, precious stones, precious stones of organogenic formation and semi-precious stones
From 01.01.2022:
RRO (PRRO) are obliged to use all sole proprietors of 2-4 groups on a single tax.
What equipment can be used in the application of PRRO?
Software PPO can be installed on a smartphone, tablet, computer or any other gadget that has an operating system and an Internet connection.
Can I set up PRRO on multiple devices?
Yes, but you can work only on one device; to work with several cash registers, you must leave an application for connecting a multiterminal.
Can I not print receipts?
Yes, but if the client asks for a paper check, it must be provided.
Do you need to carry out "service entry" and "service issue" every shift?
Do I need to print and store Z-reports?
A fiscal reporting check (Z-report) is generated by the PRRO daily. The Z-report is subject to registration on the STS fiscal server. After sending the Z-report to the fiscal server and receiving the corresponding confirmation from the fiscal server, it is stored in a convenient way for the enterprise. Z-reports must be stored electronically or printed for at least 1095 days..
Need to paste z-reports into the URO ledger and keep records of cash deposits?
No. Z-reports are stored in your program in the "statistics - shifts" section, and also on the tax servers.
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