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Cafe Automation

SkyService POS cafe and restaurant automation software is the ideal solution if you want to speed up and simplify the work for yourself and your staff. Our cafe accounting system will help you to keep under control all the work of your establishment.

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Manage your cafe SIMPLY with SkyService POS

Our program allows the managers of the cafe to be always aware of what is happening in the institution. Control all workflows in one application - SkyService POS.

Keep everything and always under control

The software for accounting in a cafe works from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

Warehouse accounting

Check the inventory of goods in the cafe at any moment by opening the SkyService POS application on your mobile phone or tablet.

Off-line work

The cloud cash register for the SkyService POS cafe works even in the absence or problems with the Internet.

Marketing solutions

Create promotional offers in a simple and convenient constructor in just a couple of clicks!

The cafe accounting automation software you need!

Manage all the information you need
  • Add product categories for each individual outlet, generate flow charts and prices in a convenient and understandable software for accounting for cafes.
  • Our automation system for the cafe chain will help you control all the points of sale in one application.
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Convenient statistics
  • ABC analysis will allow you to determine the categories of the most consumed coffee, products and goods.
  • Automation of a coffee shop makes it possible to generate reports for workshops and individually for each employee.
  • Control all funds, including purchasing costs, with our automation system for coffee shop accounting.
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Organize online sales
  • Set up delivery and pick-up from your cafe for the convenience of customers.
  • Add online orders by creating an online store, thereby increasing sales at the coffee shop.
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Useful Promotion Tools
  • Automation with SkyService POS will allow you to maintain a customer base, taking into account the history of each guest.
  • Use bonus programs to increase the loyalty of your visitors.
  • Create and implement promotional offers quickly and easily with SkyService POS!
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SkyService features - cloud cash register for cafe automation

SkyService POS cafe automation software has wide functionality. We regularly add, update and improve functions to make our clients comfortable and convenient to work with the program.

Dashboard Statistics and analytics are always at hand

Just open the SkyService POS cafe accounting app on your smartphone and view all the data you are interested in.

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POS - Terminal Delivery

Use the shipping module to boost your sales.

POS - Terminal Customer history

Client base with complete statistics for each regular and new guest. Stay on top of everything!

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Dashboard Predict the future

Plan your business development for the day / week / month with SkyService POS.

Cafe automation: useful options for staff

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From /mo
  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 600
  • Technological cards: 60
From /mo
  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 1000
  • Technological cards: 120
From /mo
  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 3500
  • Technological cards: 300

Answers to frequently asked questions about cafe automation

Is the program suitable for a cafe? Plus
Yes, SkyService POS accounting software is ideal for cafes and coffee shops. It is designed to facilitate and speed up time-consuming processes without a lack of business automation.
Can I create a product and sell it by weight? Plus
Yes, in the SkyService POS program you can create products and sell them in bulk / on tap in just a couple of clicks!
The program supports SR / PSR, can I work with fiscalization? Plus
SkyService POS allows you to work with PPO and PRRO for free. Our Knowledge Base contains lessons that detail how to get started with PRRO and fiscalization.
What is the cost of the program? Plus
For your convenience, SkyService POS offers three main tariff plans. With the minimum tariff plan, you get 1 outlet, 60 technological cards and 600 product items. Payment is made monthly and subject to payment for a year, the price will be only 199 UAH. per month! At the same time, all the functionality is available regardless of which tariff plan you use!
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Cafe automation

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