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Confectionery automation

Confectionery automation

    The confectionery industry is one of the most attractive and fastest growing sectors of the economy. Despite a number of problems, the demand for flour products remains unchanged.

    The SkyService POS system is designed to automate coffee shops, restaurants, canteens and, of course, pastry shops. SkyService POS is a faithful assistant that allows you to manage all the processes of your company.

    By ordering the program for the automation of SkyService POS from us, you will take the right step.


    One of the most necessary tools for your establishment with its own production in business management and accounting is the production section.

    You will no longer need to keep track of acceptable stock levels in the warehouse or make a list of items to be replenished. SkyService POS will do it all, instantly, accurately and reliably.

    Simple inventory accounting will make it possible to keep under control significant balances so that your goods do not spoil and never run out.

    The statistics and analytics system in SkyService POS will always allow you to control your employees even using a mobile phone.

    You always have up-to-date data on sales, inventory balances and much more.

Confectionery automation

Confectionery program - Skyservice POS

    With the help of SkyService POS you will be able to carry out the process of making budgets, manage your finances, as well as carry out the necessary calculations. And at this time, the staff will be able to keep accounting and tax records, generate reports.

    Also, the types of reports will allow you to quickly receive information about the presence or absence of goods or consumables.

    With complete information, suppliers will be able to purchase the goods they need in due time, ensuring the trouble-free operation of the enterprise.

    Thus, by choosing our automation program, you can effectively manage your business.

    You will be able to track irrelevant products, calculate the salaries of your employees and much more.

    The SkyService POS system opens up great opportunities for management personnel, replacing them in important matters of control over all business processes. The universal system can not only be modeled for any enterprise activity, but also quite successfully and seamlessly integrate with other programs.

    Automation of SkyService POS accounting helps to systematize the internal and external activities of the confectionery. The system guarantees rapid and well-coordinated work in the production - sale chain, this is especially important for quickly spoiling and delicate food products.

Программа для кондитерской

    By purchasing the SkyService POS program, you pay off in the first month. Thanks to accounting and analytics, you will be able to make accurate and correct decisions to improve your establishment, as well as timely identify the reasons for the reduction in income.

    The SkyService POS system greatly simplifies product accounting. You always know exactly what, in what quantity and from which supplier came to the warehouse.

    Thanks to reports in SkyService POS, you can track the progress of work in each of your establishments, as well as get data on the work of the entire network. Getting the report you want is done by pressing a single button, isn't it clever? Immediately before your eyes, you will see data on profit or loss for each enterprise or for the entire network as a whole. You can quickly and accurately view monthly statistics and select the most successful or problematic businesses. Thanks to this, you will be able to immediately analyze the circumstances and make the necessary decisions about your institution, examine the situation and make the necessary management decisions.

    The accounting system will also tell you what time it is better to open your confectionery, since you can open 1 hour before the start of sales, which may not be rational in terms of energy consumption.


What tasks does the SkyService POS confectionery network automation program solve?

  • Improves transparency of production and optimization of equipment loading.
  • Reduces the need for labor.
  • Improves the quality of goods due to precise adherence to technological processes