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Cloud cash register of the new generation

Necessary for: shop, cafe, delivery services, restaurant, warehouse, production or for sale services
Maximum convenient accounting, analytics
and reporting control 24/7
Generating model reports, forecasting
profits and purchases, inventory accounting is only part of SKYservice POS possibilities
Software PPO support
SKYservice POS is suitable for any kind of business
which sells goods/provides services
+ Maximum adjustment for YOUR business
Monitoring reporting and sales of SkyService POS
Services, control
and reports
You sell typical services (service stations, barbershop, cleaning services, service centers, etc.), accounting of sales, payroll, printing of invoices and much more is possible with SKYservice POS
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Automation cafe SkyService POS
Coffee shop on wheels
or a small cafe
Every business is unique and your coffee shop or cafe deserves its own accounting system at an adequate price, but with the maximum set of functions.
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Restaurant automation SkyService POS
or network establishments
Accounting for all establishments and for each separately, sales of each waiter, stock balances, profit forecasting, sales report for each menu item ...
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Shipping SkySrvice POS
The location of your couriers, report on finished orders, cash register, delivery time, convenient admin area for managers, clear reports, all that is SKYservice POS
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Automation store SkyService POS
Retail point
(any group of products)
You have a shop or chain of shops and you would like to control your business from your mobile phone. It's all just with the SKYservice POS
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Production SkyService POS
control and reporting
Convenient internal accounting for your production, in which you can control everything: warehouse, create product pricing, take account of expenses, create barcodes, cash reports ...
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Retail Automation SkyService POS
SkyService POS is a solution for automating retail trade in HORECA, Retail.

   Our product helps to monitor the business in real time from anywhere in the world. Cloud cashier helps to optimize costs, manage and inventory, monitor personnel and much more.

   We are more than an accounting system, we are a support and an irreplaceable employee in the form of a virtual accountant, storekeeper and possibly fin. director. We show the entrepreneur how his business is growing, and the whole cloudy routine is taken over by the Cloud Ticket Service.

Functional What can we do?

Automation of cafes, restaurants, hookah. Work with a wide range of equipment

Inventory accounting

Inventory accounting method

Stock balances





Cash control by day of the week

ABC - analysis

Sales by category

Dangerous operations

Cash Shifts

Financial management


Adding invoices

Deposit / Cost


Technological maps

Semi-finished products

Goods by weight

Adding Modifiers



Customer base

Convenient stock creation constructor

Bonus program



Master password to cancel the check, to close without payment

Adding a client when scanning a card

Employee Access Rights

Advantages of the cloud cashier from Skyservice
Easy and intuitive interface SkyService POS
Easy to use

   We appreciate your time, therefore we made the accounting system as simple and user-friendly as possible

Online cash on any device SkyService POS

   SkyService works on absolutely any modern device

Online cash on your phone SkyService POS
Work anywhere in the world

   Nothing prevents you from seeing how your employees work, even if you are not there.

Regular updates SkyService POS

   We listen to our users and want to translate your desires into reality, so when using Skyservice POS, you will receive constant updates and new functionality.

Full functionality SkyService POS
The corporate idea of ​​Skyservice

   Regardless of the tariff plan, you get the full functionality of the program.

The access rights of the employee SkyService POS
Levels of access for your employees

   Skyservice easily allows you to configure the level of access to the terminal sections or administration panel for your employees

Bonus program SkyService POS
The loyalty program designer

Every business is unique and loyalty program should be unique too.

Design your own loyalty program with Skyservice POS

Smart analytics SkyService POS
Intelligent analytics

Estimate profit for the next month, do a procurement plan, check for how many calculations there are enough products in the warehouse and more...

The delivery control SkyService POS
Delivery module

Track the delivery process, monitor the location of the courier, divide orders between couriers/branches and many other useful features

Ideal for
SkyService POS Cloud Checkout

Extra modules Skyservice POS

Universal remote control, universal screwdriver, multi tool - it all combines a lot of useful things in one

Skyservice POS - universal program

connecting multiple services in one superservice
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