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Sushi bar automation

Sushi bar automation

    Skyservice POS sushi bar automation software has a simple and intuitive to use interface. This makes it easy for your staff to get started immediately. You will not need to spend a long time learning how to work with our cloud cashier.

Sushi bar and automation program

    By drawing up technological maps, you can calculate in detail the ingredients used in each dish. Thanks to this, you will be able to keep a constant record of products and always form procurement documents and organize the supply of ingredients before they run out.

    Also, one of the biggest pluses in Skyservice POS sushi bar software is that you can effortlessly control all your expense and income transactions.

    With the help of smart statistics and analytics, you will always have data on every sales figure, at every available outlet, for every waiter, courier, cook, etc. At the same time, you can track all information from anywhere in the world!

    Using our program, you can afford to focus on other stages of the formation, development and promotion of your business. Skyservice POS will simply take over the entire routine!

Delivery automation program

    Delivery of sushi and rolls is a very common option nowadays. In the Skyservice POS program, the delivery module works at the highest level.

    For example, by compiling a customer base with reference to the address and phone number, you will speed up the processes of accepting orders and transferring them for processing.

    And also a convenient application for couriers, which allows you to plot the optimal routes for the delivery of dishes and after the previous order is completed immediately receive a new one, which significantly saves time for delivery.

    Plus, you can easily track the location of the courier. Thus, controlling the quality of work.

    By automating the delivery of sushi with the Skyservice POS program, you will receive functionality that will facilitate control over the work at every stage.