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Barbershop Automation

Universal SkyService POS program is suitable for any kind of activity that sells goods or provides services. In hairdressing and beauty salons, automation is the very tool that will help organize work at the proper level.

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Manage your barbershop easily with SkyService POS

For executives, SkyService POS is a program that will help control and regulate issues related to constant payments. Our barbershop automation software will help you take your mind off the routine and give you the opportunity to deal with other important issues in running a business.

Simple interface

SkyService POS barbershop software has an intuitive interface. You do not need to spend a lot of time learning and setting up the program.


If you are the owner of a network of hairdressing or beauty salons, follow the statistics for each individual salon, for each administrator and any other employee, taking into account the division for reporting periods.


The security of all your data is in your hands! You can easily set up access rights for each employee, which will help to avoid incidental and unpleasant situations.

Uninterrupted work

SkyService POS beauty salon accounting software works from anywhere in the world and even offline. In case of interruptions in the Internet, the program remains in working condition, without losing all important functions. And when the Internet connection is stabilized, it instantly uploads all the data to the database.

The Hair Salon Software You Need

Manage all outlets
  • Download the SkyService POS barbershop automation app on your mobile or tablet and keep track of the work of each outlet.
  • Fill in all the data in two clicks!
  • The search for the necessary product or service will not take much time, as the program is equipped with a convenient search.
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Convenient data statistics
  • Follow the statistics, production and activity of each employee.
  • Use ABC analysis to identify the most popular treatments and products.
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Set up online sales
  • You can create an online store in the SkyMarket application and thus provide another income option for your beauty salon.
  • Arrange delivery so that your customers can always order their favorite running products.
  • Create a telegram bot through the SellUp application and enable your customers to order the desired goods and pay for them in any convenient way.
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Cash equipment for a hairdressing salon
  • For fast order processing, we recommend purchasing a receipt printer.
  • Barcode scanner will speed up workflows.
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Possibilities SkyService - accounting software for hairdressers

The functionality provided by the program for automating hairdressing and beauty salons SkyService POS will make it possible to facilitate most of the technical processes of your salon.

Dashboard Effective marketing

The program is equipped with a convenient and easy-to-use constructor for creating promotions and bonus programs, with which you can attract new and keep regular customers.

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Dashboard Warehouse

To ensure that all the necessary care products are always available in the warehouse, the beauty salon automation system will independently draw up invoices for the purchase of shampoos, masks, antiseptics, wipes, etc.

Dashboard Statistics and analytics

Smart analytics will help you predict profits, keep track of the most popular and profitable procedures and products, as well as keep track of the number of checks, determine the average check, etc.

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Automation of a hairdressing salon: useful options for staff.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about barbershop automation

Is SkyService POS suitable for barbershop automation? Plus
Yes, SkyService POS software is perfect for hair salon, beauty salon, etc. Our program will facilitate work processes that take a lot of time without automation.
How to get acquainted with the SkyService POS program without registration? Plus
In order to get acquainted with the program for automating a hairdressing salon, you will need to download the application or go to the WEB version of the program. After that, you will see a registration window, in which there will also be a "Demo Login" button. This is a demo version to get acquainted with the program.
How to use the program? Plus
For the convenience of our users, we have created a huge library - the "Knowledge Base", which contains lessons on using the SkyService POS program. In order to start studying the program for automating a hairdressing salon, go to this link -
How to set up a program to automate a hairdressing salon?? Plus
Cloud cash desk SkyService POS is simple and easy to use. In order to quickly set up the main points for the work of a hairdresser, we recommend that you take a lesson. To view the lesson go to link -
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