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Automation of tire fitting and car wash

Automation of tire fitting and car wash

    Car service is a rapidly growing business. If you are the owner of an auto parts store, car wash, service station or tire fitting, then you know that every minute is valued in this business and an automation system is simply necessary in them! If orders are completed on time, then loyal customers appear who bring new visitors.

Skyservice POS program for car wash automation

    Keeping records at a car wash is quite difficult. The Skyservice POS car wash automation software will make this task easier for you. For example, you can easily set the amount of used detergent and receive reports on costs for a selected period.


Workshop automation

    Full control at all stages of work without automation for the workshop is impossible. With Skyservice POS you can:

  • track the work of staff from anywhere in the world;
  • to distribute wages with the accrual of bonuses and fines;
  • maintain documentation without much effort;
  • generate reports on all items of work;
  • save customer service history.

    And many other functions that will help make it much easier to do business at every stage.