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Jewelry store automation

In order for the organization of business processes to proceed painlessly, it is necessary to automate all possible work items as much as possible. The SkyService POS jewelry store automation software will help you manage business details that, without automation, complicate the development of activities.

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Manage your jewelry store simply with SkyService POS

To manage and control the work of a jewelry store, download the SkyService POS application to your mobile phone, tablet or log in via the WEB version to always stay up to date with what is happening at the outlet.

One-Stop Solution

The jewelry store accounting software runs on any existing platform and supports multiple POS devices.


Manage settings and security, set access rights for employees.

Set goals

Analyze the data collected by the system and, together with smart analytics, set goals for the week, month, year ahead with the SkyService POS jewelry store automation software.

Always in touch

The SkyService POS program works anywhere in the world where there is Internet.

The cloud checkout for the jewelry store you need

Management of all outlets
  • Follow the movement of goods: from production to sale.
  • Create a price list: enter products and adjust prices.
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Visual statistics
  • Use ABC analysis to identify the most popular jewelry.
  • Check statistics on profits and expenses.
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Set up online sales
  • Create an online platform where your customers can choose their favorite products and place an order on their own.
  • Arrange delivery or offer your customers to pick up jewelry from your stores.
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Marketing organization
  • Create a bonus program for regular customers.
  • During holidays and personal events of clients, offer promotional offers.
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Possibilities SkyService - jewelry store accounting software

SkyService POS jewelry store software is equipped with wide functionality. Our accounting system is constantly evolving, adding new functions, modernizing old ones: it does everything to ensure that your work proceeds smoothly and smoothly.

Dashboard Procurement forecasting

The SkyService POS jewelry store automation program will help you create invoices for suppliers based on the data entered into the system.

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POS - Terminal Interface

The system is equipped with a simple and intuitive interface, which does not require long training.

Dashboard Generate reports

Create X-reports and Z-reports.

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Jewelry store automation: useful options for staff

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From /mo
  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 600
  • Technological cards: 60
From /mo
  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 1000
  • Technological cards: 120
From /mo
  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 3500
  • Technological cards: 300

Answers to frequently asked questions about jewelry store automation

What is SKYservice POS cloud checkout? Plus
A system for accounting and automation of a point of sale using drives and computing power of remote servers.
Does the program work with RRO/PRRO? Plus
The SkyService POS program allows you to work with cash registers and cash registers. In order to get acquainted with the nuances, and quickly start working with PRRO and fiscalization, it is enough to study the lessons in the Knowledge Base. For information go to this link -

How much does the SKYservice POS jewelry store automation system cost? Plus
SKYservice POS jewelry store accounting program offers its users 3 tariff plans. The minimum tariff consists of 1 outlet, 60 technological cards and 600 commodity items. When paying the tariff for a year, the price is only 199 UAH!
How can I find out the tariff and subscription fee?? Plus
In the administrative panel, go to Settings - My balance - Personal account, in this window you will see your tariff plan, monthly fee, how long the subscription lasts and the day of payment, and also check the current balance.
How to set up SkyService POS jewelry store automation software?? Plus
You can set up the program in just 10 easy steps! Our Knowledge Base contains a lesson that describes account settings and how to get started. To study the lesson, go to this link -
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