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Automation of the store

Automation of the store

    Skyservice POS is a program that is ideal for automating all kinds of stores, thanks to its supported features such as:

  • keeping records of sales;
  • ordered information about the customer base;
  • warehouse accounting;
  • complete information about analytics;
  • 100% control over personnel;
  • doing business from anywhere in the world.

Who is Skyservice POS suitable for?

    Whether you are selling auto parts, food, footwear, clothing, accessories or you are a jewelry store owner - Skyservice POS automation software is right for you in any case.

    One of the most important and most difficult stages in the sale of goods in stores of any kind is inventory control. With the help of our program, it will no longer be difficult to simplify control over accounting.

    For example, you can easily get acquainted with the remains of goods in the warehouse without visiting the warehouse itself. All information is in the system, which allows you to get acquainted with all the desired information in just a couple of clicks. This feature saves a lot of time for both you and your customers.

In-store sales automation

    Thanks to sales automation with Skyservice POS program, your store will always have full control and order. You will be able to keep track of sales, calculate profits and expenses, issue receipts to customers, and always be aware of the availability of goods in order to timely form purchases and organize deliveries to the warehouse.

    Also, thanks to sales accounting, you can identify the activity of the staff. For example, say you own a shoe store and your salespeople have competitive salaries. By receiving reports on a monthly or quarterly basis, you can easily identify the most active seller and reward him with bonuses for activity. Thanks to such a scheme, the level of active sales in your store increases, which will bring you a great profit.