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Restaurant Automation

Restaurant Automation

    The restaurant business is one of the types of activity that is rather actively growing and developing every year. This is a competitive niche in which those who think ahead of moves a couple of steps ahead survive.

    The process of automating the work of a restaurant is huge and complex. But with the help of the Skyservice POS program, you can greatly simplify and streamline your business.

Accounting for a restaurant

    The Skyservice POS restaurant automation software is an irreplaceable assistant at every stage of your business formation.

    With this system you can:

  • to establish work in finance;
  • keep track of all products and inventory in the kitchen and warehouse;
  • keep an eye on statistics and analytics
  • introduce loyalty systems and bonus programs.

    And also many other functionalities will be available to you, which will invariably help in the development and prosperity of your restaurant.

Client base

    Our program makes it easy for you to maintain your customer base. With this function you will be able to:

  • keep records of new and regular customers;
  • compile statistics on the number of visitors per day;
  • to inform guests about promotions;
  • to run bonus programs.

    A customer loyalty system using promotions and bonuses will allow you to attract new visitors, which will definitely affect your income.

Subscription cost

    The first 14 days from the moment of your registration, all the functionality of the Skyservice POS program is available for free! During this period, you can familiarize yourself with the program, feel all the advantages and finally come to a decision to work with us. If even during the training you have any difficulties, the support service will help you at any time - 24/7.

    After the expiry of the 14-day period, depending on how many outlets and goods you have, the price of the tariff plan is formed. The minimum tariff is only 199 UAH, subject to payment for the year.