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Hookah room automation

The specifics of the work of the hookah lies in the complex accounting and is distinguished by the nuances in the management of the warehouse. The SkyService POS program is ideal for keeping records and controlling the warehouse, as well as helping to establish other work processes that need automation.

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Manage your hookah bar simply with SkyService POS

The SkyService POS automation program will help you manage your hookah bar. You can follow everything that happens at the point in real time.

Available interface

The system is simple and easy to use due to the fact that it has a simple and intuitive interface.


The SkyService POS hookah bar automation program will provide analytical data on all points of interest. You will be able to track the most popular dishes, drinks and hookahs.

Control and security

Set up access for employees, control the opening and closing of shifts, the number of hours worked, etc.

Cost control

Keep track of all expenses, taking into account specific periods, in the SkyService POS hookah bar automation program.

Cloud cash desk for hookah you need

Management in one program
  • Create menus, create technological maps.
  • Enter individual items.
  • Set prices and edit them as needed.
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Clear statistics
  • View and analyze statistical data for any selected period.
  • Statistics on monthly expenses.
  • Use ABC analysis to determine the most popular hookahs, cocktails and dishes in your establishment.
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Online sales
  • Using the SkyMarket application, you can create your own online store where customers can purchase tobacco and hookah care accessories.
  • Take advantage of the delivery module, where you can track your orders from A to Z.
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Cash equipment for hookah
  • Use devices on IOS and Android to work with SkyService POS, or open the WEB version of the program and get started.
  • Purchase a barcode scanner for quick reading and searching of products.
  • Issue government-issued checks to visitors using a check printer.
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Possibilities SkyService - accounting systems for hookah bar

The functionality of the SkyService POS software is regularly updated with new useful features. We listen to users and take into account the wishes when updating the program.

Dashboard Marketing

Use the constructor to create promotions, bonus programs and discounts.

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Dashboard Work offline

You do not need to worry that the data will not be saved during a temporary absence or problems with the Internet. When the connection returns, the system will upload all the entered information to the cloud.

Dashboard Report generation

At the end of the shift, create a Z-report to transfer data to the tax office.

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Hookah bar automation: useful options for staff

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  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 600
  • Technological cards: 60
From /mo
  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 1000
  • Technological cards: 120
From /mo
  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 3500
  • Technological cards: 300

Answers to frequently asked questions about hookah bar automation

Does the hookah bar automation program support working with PRRO? Plus
Yes, SkyService POS supports PRRO and fiscalization. To get started with PRRO, read the lesson by clicking on link -
How to create goods sold by weight and on tap? Plus
In the SkyService POS hookah bar automation program, you can create products and sell them by weight and in bulk. To do this, we have prepared instructions that will help you learn how to create such products step by step. Go to link -
Can I download the technological map in Excel? Plus
In the Admin panel, go to the section Products - Technological maps - select the technological map that you want to upload to Excel. Choose the composition you want and click "Download".
How to change the language and currency in the SkyService POS hookah bar automation software?? Plus
SkyService POS supports more than 20 languages. Choose what you need and get to work. For instructions, please follow this link -
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Hookah room automation

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