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Hookah automation

Hookah automation

    Hookah bars are becoming more and more popular every year. This type of activity has its own specifics of business processes, its own nuances in the management of the warehouse of goods, personnel, in the accounting of sales and attendance of the institution.

    To automate these tasks and optimize business processes, an accounting system from SkyService POS was developed. This solution allows you to keep track of sales of goods and services, generate cash receipts, receive detailed statistics on the state of your business and maintain a single customer base.

    SkyService POS cloud cash register is a simple and convenient solution for automating your hookah room.

Hookah accounting software - SKYSERVICE POS

    Our solution for managing hookahs is regularly updated and receives new functionality, all updates are always free.

    For each visitor or campaign that came to your institution, the manager opens an order, in which he will further record all the goods sold and services rendered.

    SkyService POS has the functionality of a customer base, so you can register your visitors in order to see detailed statistics of visits in the future. Also, this functionality will allow you to have at hand all the necessary contact information in order, for example, to send newsletters or better find out who exactly is your direct client.

    SkyService POS for a hookah bar takes over all the tasks of counting the time in the hookah bar, accounting for customers, sales, statistics, monitoring employees, and you have more time for direct business development.

Hookah program - SKYSERVICE POS

    Accounting system from SkyService POS - high-quality and convenient control in the hookah. An assistant you can rely on 24 hours a day. Unlike other systems, SkyService POS totally manages all processes in the hookah bar.

    SkyService POS not only automates sales and warehouse, but every minute monitors staff, does not allow beginners to make mistakes and gives a bonus to the best, keeps suppliers in tight hands and checks equipment, attracts new guests to the hookah and keeps old ones.

    All business processes in the SkyService POS system are integrated into a single information space, which provides you with full control over a hookah bar or a whole chain of hookah bars. SkyService POS turns your hookah bar into a reliable business machine, freeing up time to focus on success.

    You will be able to track irrelevant products, calculate salaries for your employees and much more.

    The SkyService POS automation system assists in the work of waiters and simplifies the work of cashiers. Reduces human error. Almost 100% control over any processes.

    To set up the accounting system, you will not need to spend a lot of time, in just 10 minutes you can set up the accounting system for the hookah and start it up.

    You can issue personalized discount cards to your regular customers, the electronic chip of which will contain a unique customer number. The visitor comes to the establishment, gives the manager his card and the manager presents the card to a special USB-reader.

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    Hookah bar automation simplifies the work with the arrival of a new product as much as possible. You are aware of all deliveries for any period of time. The program also provides functionality for working with multiple warehouses.

    Regular carrying out of inventories allows you to control the balance in the warehouse, the work of suppliers and your employees. Track all items in the warehouse from receipt to sale.

    The SkyService POS accounting program for a hookah bar is a profitable investment. With accounting and analytics, you make the right management decisions, timely identify the causes of declining profitability and track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

    Your staff will support the installation of Skyservice POS. Waiters will no longer have to memorize long order lists. With one movement of your hand, you can form an order for a particular table and calculate the total cost of the check.

    Your hookah-makers and administrators will also appreciate it. In real time, warehouse balances are displayed on the screen. The inventory can be completed in just a couple of minutes, as well as ordering a new batch of hookah ingredients or mixes.

    The administrator will be able to quickly book tables so that all your visitors have enough space. Well, and among other things, the program easily interacts with cash register equipment. It will not be difficult to add a new parish to the database, print receipts and invoices. It is quite simple to automate a hookah lounge, it will help you save your time and resources of your company.

Free up time for yourself and business development, give up the SKYSERVICE POS routine

    With the introduction of SkyService POS automation, you always have your finger on the pulse of your business. Check reporting, sales and employee performance. The program allows viewing reports for any period of time, printing or sending by mail.

    Of course, one cannot do without loyalty programs, which can be configured directly in the SkyService POS accounting system, which will increase the loyalty of your customers to your hookah bar. Cost of the program.