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Bakery Automation

   Bakery, pastry shop, coffee shop with its own pastries. What does it all have in common?

    It is very difficult to keep records in these industries. Why? In a bakery, as in restaurants, you always need to keep track of goods in the warehouse, semi-finished products, but unlike a restaurant, a bakery often also supplies its products to other coffee chains or fulfills customer orders.

    The accounting system for the bakery is an irreplaceable tool. For example, those establishments in which an accounting system for a bakery from SkyService POS is installed, warehouse accounting is always at hand, which helps the owner of the establishment and administrators plan purchases of goods.

Bakery accounting software - SKYSERVICE POS

    One of the most necessary tools for a bakery, pastry shop, cafe with its own production in business management and accounting is the production section.

    For correct accounting in a cafe with its own production, confectionery or bakery, you always need to know not only how many goods are in the warehouse, but also how many semi-finished products or blanks for baking or sale are already in the warehouse.

    With this function, the SkyService POS bakery accounting software makes it very easy to keep records in the bakery, even for a child.

    The statistics and analytics system in SkyService POS will always allow you to control your employees even using a mobile phone.

    You always have up-to-date data on sales, inventory balances and much more.

    For example, your employees have produced 10 pies today, only 5 are left in the warehouse for baked goods, but you know that a client will come in tonight and he expects to pick up 30 pies for children from your bakery.

Bakery software - SKYSERVICE POS

    When using standard accounting systems, you must call the employee who is in the kitchen, ask him to count the blanks, and also double-check the balances.

    With the help of SkyService POS, you do not need to call anyone and wait for a long answer, you just go to the accounting program for the bakery that you installed earlier on the device, go to the goods - warehouse section and see the stock of prepared products, the number of finished products and you can see if that's enough all warehouse items to create the desired batch of the order. This can increase the loyalty of your customers to your establishment, because you know how upsetting is the lack of this or that delicacy, which you were already counting on when passing by your bakery on the way home.

    Also, the types of reports in the SkyService POS accounting system will be able to help you analyze the work of your enterprise for a day / week / month / years.

    You will be able to track irrelevant products, calculate the salaries of your employees and much more.

    The SkyService POS automation system will create the best conditions for automating your bakery, bakery, cafe with its own production in just a few clicks. You just need to register and you will be able to keep records of your bakery (bakery) from this very second.

    To set up an accounting system, you will not need to spend a lot of time, in just 10 minutes you can set up an accounting system for a bakery or cafe with its own production and start it up.

    The SkyService POS program can automatically perform accounting, bakery accounting, since you can log in from your mobile phone and view settlements with suppliers and customers, generate primary data for taxes and much more.

Программа для пекарни

    When automating a bakery or bakery business, it is always worth considering market trends. For example, previously the format of a store with rolls or mini bakeries has been transformed into cozy establishments such as cafes or coffee houses with their own production of bakery products.

    Mini bakeries have become a mass business, as the variety of products offered is much larger than in the store. Also, to manage a large number of products, even in a mini bakery, a modern accounting system is required, such as a cloud accounting system for cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and mini bakeries SkyService POS. After all, accounting in a mini-bakery is the most important part so that you can occupy your niche in a competitive environment.

    One of the main factors for high profits in bakeries is not only the accounting system, but also the client's later (location of the establishment), since the metro will have more cash desks compared to the residential area.

    Our system will help you determine which of the bakery (bakery) brings the maximum profit, which employee works better and sells better, which of the customers comes to you most often, and much more.

    The accounting system will also tell you what time it is better to open your bakery (bakery) or cafe, since you can open 1 hour before the start of sales, which may not be rational in terms of energy consumption.

    Automating a bakery, bakery or cafe is quite simple, it will help you save your time and resources of your company.

Free up time for yourself and business development, give up the SKYSERVICE POS routine

    In the SkyService POS accounting system, you can keep records in a bakery of any format. It can be a mini or micro bakery in which products are prepared for sale in their cafe or restaurant, it can be a bakery that works only on order, the third is a bakery or confectionery that produces goods to order in any volume, they can I supply my clients (both business and the end consumer) to settle settlements in dollars, as well as optimize and automate the work of the bakery using the accounting system.

    Of course, you cannot do without loyalty programs, which can be configured directly in the SkyService POS accounting system, which will increase the loyalty of your customers to your bakery (bakery) or restaurant. Cost of the program.