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Business automation

Business automation

    Starting any kind of business, whether you are a newbie or an experienced entrepreneur, you face a huge number of difficulties along the way. In order to facilitate and speed up work processes, there are automated systems for business management of various types. The SkyService POS program was created just for the automation of almost any type of business! Be you owner:

  • restaurant;
  • Cafe;
  • food truck;
  • bakeries;
  • car washes;
  • tire fitting;
  • bar;
  • grocery store;
  • jewelry boutique, etc.
  • You can easily set up the work of your institution, enterprise or warehouse.

Establishing production

    Let's say you are the owner of a bakery or pastry shop. It is absolutely impossible to conduct this kind of business without a program with a warehouse control function. In order to organize an uninterrupted production process, you just need to generate a technological map, which will indicate all the ingredients for a specific confectionery or bakery product. In the program, you can enter all the data in the smallest detail, which will allow you to keep track of products and be always aware of the availability of all the necessary raw materials for production. Also, the program independently makes all the calculations and generates documents for ordering the necessary products.

Financial management

    Thanks to automation with the SkyService POS system, you will have the ability to control at each stage of business formation. Financial management is one of the most important points. With our program you can:

  • monitor the arrival of profits;
  • calculate costs;
  • calculate salaries, taking into account bonuses and fines;
  • calculate the payback of retail outlets and others.

    A significant advantage of the SkyService POS cloud checkout is that the program works from anywhere in the world, which gives you the opportunity to be aware of all financial transactions performed per day, month, quarter - at any time convenient for you!

Devices for working in the program

    To operate the SkyService POS automation system, you can use equipment in the form of a POS terminal, tablet and even a mobile phone. In order to use all the available functionality, you just need to download the program to your existing device!

    And if you need other equipment for doing business, you can always consult with our technical support, which will select the optimal ready-made sets in our store for your needs. Or create an individual set for your business!