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Canteen automation

Canteen automation will help regulate and speed up work, keep records and control all work processes. SkyService POS is a universal solution for canteens and catering establishments.

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Manage your dining room easily with SkyService POS

SkyService POS will become an indispensable assistant for a manager. Install the application on your smartphone and you can always be aware of what is happening in the workplace.

Smart Analytics

Thanks to the collected analytical data, you will be able to plan the development of the canteen for the week, month, year ahead!

Ease of use

SkyService POS canteen automation software has a simple interface. You do not need to spend a lot of time learning the system, everything is clear on an intuitive level.

Control work from A to Z

Keep track of cash, control the work of staff, check reports, etc.


All access levels are determined by you yourself, which allows you to avoid incidental situations in the work of the canteen.

The cloud checkout for the canteen you need

All information in one application
  • Entering data for the dining room is easy and simple: fill in technological cards and form menus, set prices.
  • Follow the movement of goods.
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Convenient statistics
  • The SkyService POS canteen automation program will help you keep track of which items from the menu are the most popular.
  • Generate reports by shop floor, by category, by employee, and more.
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Organize online sales
  • In the SkyMarket application, you can create an online store where your guests can order their favorite items from the menu of your dining room.
  • To increase sales, use the delivery module.
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Effective tools for promotion
  • Create loyalty programs for regular customers.
  • Implement discount cards and link them to specific visitors.
  • The SkyService POS canteen automation program has a simple and easy-to-use constructor for creating promotions.
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Possibilities SkyService - canteen automation software

The SkyService POS canteen automation system is constantly improving its functionality, taking into account the wishes and needs of customers.

Dashboard Versatility

Our program works on all platforms, which makes it absolutely universal.

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Dashboard Opportunities

SkyService POS canteen food accounting system has the ability to connect to all possible printers via USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth protocols.

Dashboard Warehouse accounting module

Always be aware of the availability of products in stock, generate invoices on time and transfer them to suppliers.

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Canteen automation: useful options for staff

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From /mo
  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 600
  • Technological cards: 60
From /mo
  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 1000
  • Technological cards: 120
From /mo
  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 3500
  • Technological cards: 300

Answers to frequently asked questions about the canteen accounting software

What is SkyService POS system? Plus
A software and hardware complex of tools for organizing accounting and optimizing business processes at a point of sale.
Can I sell goods by weight/bottling? Plus
Yes, in the SkyService POS canteen automation software, you can create products and sell them by weight/on tap. Check out the tutorial on creating such products by clicking on this link
What is the cost of SkyService POS canteen automation software? Plus
For 1 outlet, 60 technological cards and 600 commodity items, the minimum tariff applies. Its price is 234 UAH. per month. But if you pay for the program for a year, the cost is only 199 UAH. per month.
How to choose equipment for the dining room? Plus
On our website, you can go to the Shop section and select all the necessary equipment for turnkey canteen automation. To go to the online store, click on link
What is SkyService BOX? Plus
SkyService Box is a device for connecting a fiscal registrar to SkyService and printing fiscal checks from Android and IOS. SkyService Box based on Orange Pi mini computer acts as an adapter between a tablet and a fiscal registrar.
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Canteen automation

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