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Boutique automation

Boutique automation

    Fashion stores and accessories are now plentiful. Every entrepreneur who wants to simplify and make his life easier should definitely get a system for automating boutiques. Skyservice POS is exactly that boutique automation program that will help you organize your business, as well as conduct it competently and efficiently.

Accounting system

    So, what are the distinctive features of doing a business such as a boutique? How can Skyservice POS help you run your business? For example, a delivery of a new collection arrives at your store. You just need to disband clothes and accessories according to the criteria convenient for you:

  • the size;
  • seasonality;
  • brand;
  • floor and so on.

    All information is stored in the system, which allows you no longer to use books, notebooks or Excel spreadsheets for maintaining a product, customer base, accounting, etc. The system reliably stores all saved data, so you can not worry about any leak -or information.

    Customers will also appreciate the automated approach to doing this kind of business. Since, for example, by looking into the system, you can track the availability of the desired product, thereby not forcing the visitor to spend time in long waits.

Sales accounting

    Having distributed the entire assortment in the formed database, you can easily keep track of sales, which will allow you to track the required size or the availability of goods in stock in just a couple of clicks.

    With the help of sales accounting, you will be able to control all work processes. Thanks to analytics, you can track profits and costs, which will allow you to track the overall performance of the boutique at every stage.