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Pizzeria automation

Pizzeria automation

    Family restaurants with narrow specializations are gaining popularity every year more and more actively. Among them are sushi bars, Italian, Chinese restaurants, burgers, cafes and, of course, pizzerias. In order for your establishment to be out of competition, we have created the SkyService POS program. It is the perfect software for running your pizzeria.

Convenient product accounting system

    Simple and intuitive to use SkyService POS accounting system will allow you to keep control of product balances. With the help of the inventory function, you can literally, in a couple of clicks, see if you have enough, as well as prevent theft at the workplace. By filling in the flow charts, you will be able to accurately place orders for future deliveries, calculating everything to the smallest detail.

Program for cafe

Delivery system

    Today, pizza is the most frequently delivered dish in the world. Thanks to the well-thought-out delivery module in the SkyService POS program, you can organize the uninterrupted work of your staff and control it at all stages and for each process!

    Our automation program for the operation of a pizzeria will help you instantly receive and transfer orders for processing, then distribute them between couriers and plan a route that will take the optimal delivery time from point A to point B.

    The user-friendly customer base will not leave you indifferent either. Thanks to the linked phone numbers and addresses, you can keep track of regular customers, which will allow, for example, to keep statistics, notify buyers about promotions and accrue personal bonuses.

Cash program

    With the SkyService POS program, financial management and, in particular, cashier, goes to a new level. All cash transactions - from payment of orders to payment of salaries to staff, are easily recorded in our cloud cash register.

    At the end of each work shift, without making any effort, you will be able to draw up a Z-report (report with cancellation), which contains all the information on the operations performed during the entire working day.