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Program for the restaurant

Food truck automation

    Skyservice POS is a flexible and mobile sales accounting system for foodtruck. The intuitive interface allows you to work both online and offline, so poor communication is no longer a hindrance.

    The program supports the possibility of payments both in cash and by card, thanks to the connected mPOS mini-terminal. Bad internet doesn't matter. All your sales will be synchronized with the server online when connected to the Internet, but until then, the program will be able to work, and your sales will not be lost.

Food truck automation software
Inventory accounting
Customer accounting
Intelligent analytics
Complete statistics
Loyalty program

Sales accounting for Foodtruck. Support for any device

   It doesn't matter what device you will be working from. Skyservice POS food truck software is capable of working on almost any modern device, be it a phone, tablet, or PC.

Program for cafe
Automation of the store

Simple admin panel interface

   It will not be difficult to add products to the database even for an inexperienced user. Skyservice POS allows you to prepare an automation system for a foodtruck in literally one day, or even a few hours and start it up

Statistics module

   Real-time statistics will allow you to monitor the work of your employees, control product balances, keep records of sold items 24 hours 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.

   You can easily analyze the number of products sold, the time of their sale, the employee who sold and much more.

   Using a loyalty program for your regular customers - viewing statistics for each of them will not be difficult.

Program for cafe

No hardware restrictions

The program for the store on the tablet

   Skyservice POS integrates with all possible printers via USB, Ethernet or Bluetooth.

   Also, our managers will be happy to help you in choosing equipment for your outlet and, if necessary, will help you complete turnkey equipment. You only need to pay the bill for the equipment, receive the package, print it and plug it into the network.

Program cost

   You can create a loyalty program for your regular customers, or a bonus program, discount system and much more. For example, a bonus program for new customers, or a discount program for regular customers.

   You also have the opportunity to view statistics for each of the buyers. By organizing a loyalty program, the profit of your establishment can increase significantly as the frequency of purchases will increase due to your loyalty to your customers.

Automation of the store