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Fast food automation

Like any type of catering activity, fast food needs clear and constructively streamlined work. In order for a business to generate income and be able to compete with dignity in the market, it is necessary to automate work processes. SkyService POS is the best solution that will delight you with the price-quality ratio!

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Control simply with SkyService POS

For a manager, the SkyService POS fast food software will become an indispensable assistant that will take over the entire routine, calculations and reporting. You just need to download the application to your smartphone and keep track of any data of interest, at any convenient time.

Personnel control

Keep track of the work of the staff, when shifts open and close, how many hours each employee works, etc.

Simple and intuitive interface

The intuitive interface of the program for the automation of fast food SkyService POS allows you to quickly train staff and immediately start working.

Always be in touch

Wherever there is an internet connection the system will work.


If you need to verify data, view statistics or check the work of employees, just open the application. All data is always at your fingertips!

The cloud-based fast food checkout you need!

Point of sale management
  • One application for fast food SkyService POS contains all the necessary information for each outlet.
  • Fill out menus, create product categories and routings, set and adjust prices, etc.
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Convenient statistics
  • Use ABC analysis to stay up-to-date on the most popular positions. Adjust the menu for the most popular dishes.
  • The program for accounting for fast food SkyService POS will help you keep track of reports for all categories, for any period.
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Set up online sales
  • Create your online store where your customers can choose their favorite items from the menu.
  • Arrange delivery and pickup so that your customers can enjoy juicy burgers, hot dogs or Thai noodles even at home.
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Effective marketing
  • Create promotional offers to increase sales. For example: "happy hour", "1 + 1 = 3", etc.
  • The bonus program will help increase loyalty and attract new customers.
  • SkyService POS fast food software is equipped with a simple constructor for creating promotions.
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Possibilities SkyService

The program for keeping records of fast food SkyService POS is constantly developing and updating. We are constantly working on expanding the functionality in order for our users to be comfortable working with our program.

Dashboard Universal system

SkyService POS fast food automation software supports connection with printers via USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth.

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Dashboard | POS - Terminal Increase visitor loyalty

Use cross-selling to increase customer loyalty.

Dashboard Delivery module

Form a customer base with reference to the address and phone number, distribute orders by couriers and be always aware of order fulfillment.

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POS - Terminal Work offline

SkyService POS cloud cash register will save all data even in case of malfunctions, absence and interruptions in the Internet connection.

Fast food automation: useful options for staff

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From /mo
  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 600
  • Technological cards: 60
From /mo
  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 1000
  • Technological cards: 120
From /mo
  • Sales points 1
  • Number of users: infinity
  • Number of transactions: infinity
  • Number of commodity items: 3500
  • Technological cards: 300

Answers to frequently asked questions about the program for automating fast food

The program supports PPO / PRRO, can I work with fiscalization? Plus
SkyService POS allows you to work with PPO and PRRO for free. Our Knowledge Base contains lessons that detail how to get started with PRRO and fiscalization. To get acquainted, follow this link -
How to use the program? Are there instructions? Plus
For the convenience of our users, we have created a Knowledge Base, which contains lessons on using and working in the system. To get acquainted, follow this link -
Is the program suitable for fast food? Plus
Yes, the SkyService POS program is suitable for fast food. It is designed to facilitate and speed up time-consuming processes without a lack of business automation.
What is the cost of the program? Plus
SkyService POS offers a choice of three basic tariff plans. With the minimum tariff plan, you get 1 outlet, 60 technological cards and 600 product items. Payment is made monthly and subject to payment for a year, the price will be only 199 UAH. per month!
What happens if I do not pay for the program? Plus
The system will block the ability to sell, all other functions of the program will be available for work. Your data will be stored in the system for 1 year. We then reserve the right to delete your account.
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Fast food automation

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