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Fast food automation

Fast food automation

    Fast food has conquered its niche for quite some time. And at the modern pace of rhythms, we are completely unable to imagine our life without quick and satisfying, different types of snacks.

    For this kind of activity, not only a high-quality approach is important, but also the speed of service is of utmost importance. The program for the automation of fast food - SkyService POS will help to ensure uninterrupted and efficient work at every stage.

    The cloud cash register will always be at your fingertips, as you can download the application to any tablet or mobile. Thanks to this, you can manage your business even in the most remote parts of the world.

Program for calculating income and expenses

    With SkyService POS you no longer need to keep endless notebooks and spreadsheets in Excel to calculate expenses and income. The system reliably stores all data on payments, sales, payments and other financial issues.

    Even if you have problems with the Internet, don't be upset! The software is designed in such a way that all your sales are synchronized with the server online, so the program continues its work, and all the sales made will continue to be saved in the system.

    With its help you can:

  • always be aware of profit and loss;
  • have at hand all the statistical and analytical data;
  • keep a complete record of products and inventory;
  • prepare documents for purchases;
  • track deliveries;
  • calculate salaries for staff, etc.

Prices by tariff plans

    When you download the SkyService POS fast food automation software, you get 14 days of full access to all the functionality of our cloud system!

    At the end of this period, depending on the number of outlets, technological maps and commodity items, there are three types of basic tariff plans:

  • - BIGBOSS (497 UAH).

    These prices are valid if the program is paid for a year and include the use of all available functionality in the price!

    And if you suddenly need it, we will develop a tariff plan specifically for the needs of your business, taking into account all the features and wishes.

    And subject to payment for a year, the price is only 199 UAH!

    At the same time, this basic tariff includes all the main functionality of the program, despite the fact that it is the most affordable.