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SkyService + Табло заказов

This application will display the order readiness status for customers on the screen in the hall.

What is integration?

Integration is the process of combining any elements into a single whole. Integration of applications and programs in enterprises implies the integration of different computing systems and software that form a single continuous workflow.

How does the Order Board and SkyService integration work?

In order for the Order Board application to work correctly, the application and the POS-terminal must be in the same local network, that is, they must be connected to the same router. Next, you will need to add the application and after that, install "Skyservice HallScreen". After launching Skyservice HallScreen, you will need to set up the Order Board. After specifying and saving the IP address and the point of sale from which orders will be displayed, the integration of the Order Board and SkyService POS will be established.

What is the purpose of the module?

The Order Board application allows you to display the readiness status of guests' orders on any screen. In the order board, visitors will be able to track the readiness of orders, thanks to the number indicated on their check, which will be displayed on a monitor installed in the hall.

What opportunities do you get?

The system adds new orders from the terminal as soon as a sale has been made. "Order Board" makes it possible to manage order statuses. The readiness of orders can be displayed on several screens and POS terminals.
This application helps to speed up the service process and increase the interest of customers.


Connection problems?

If you have any questions about setting up the integration of the Order Board application and SkyService POS, please contact the technical support chat or call center for advice.