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SkyService + Monobank

This application will allow you to synchronize the list of transactions and receive new ones from Monobank

What is integration?

Integration is the process of combining any elements into a single whole. Integration of applications and programs in enterprises implies the integration of different computing systems and software that form a single continuous workflow.

How does Monobank and SkyService POS integration work?

In order to use the SkyService POS integration with Monobank, you need to activate the Monobank application in your account. Scan the QR code and copy the Token and save it in the "Token" field. Next, fill in the Settings menu in Monobank by specifying a card or account in Monobank and an account in SkyService POS.
Thus, the system captures all account statements and synchronizes them between the two applications.

What is the purpose of the module?

The module will provide synchronization of transaction lists and will allow you to receive new transactions from Monobank.

What opportunities do you get?

SkyService POS allows you to:
- Receive statements from Monobank;
- View them in the section Finance - Account movements;
- Keep track of the amounts spent by cost categories in the section Finance - Summaries;
- View all created accounts in the menu Finance - Account balance;
- Familiarize yourself with each individual account in detail.


Connection problems?

If you have any questions about setting up the integration of Monobank and SkyService POS, please contact the technical support chat or call center for advice.